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Welcome to Sunrise Kids Early Learning Centre

Our centre revolves around the core philosophy of learning through play. Our Jensen childcare centre provides educational programs based on the Early Years Learning Framework. As part of our curriculum we also include a Government approved Kindergarten program, under the direction of our highly trained and qualified Early Childhood Teacher.

We adopt a progressive learning approach at our Kindergarten

Here at our early learning centre, we have always embraced an open door policy and encourage all parents to make any suggestions as to how we could improve our current programs and policies.

We always make a point of accommodating the individual needs of our children and always cater for those with special requirements. Our Jensen centre is also SunSmart approved, with large shaded outdoor adventure playgrounds and waterpark.

We're not your typical daycare centre

Our vibrant childcare centre boasts a number of outstanding features that separate us from a simple daycare. Some of these include:

  • A magical garden full of discovery and excitement
  • Fantastic adventure playground, including a large sun safe waterpark
  • Full nappy service
  • A structured kindergarten program overseen by qualified professionals
  • Nutritional morning and afternoon teas provided

Our Jensen childcare is open Monday through to Friday and offers extended opening hours from 6am to 6pm.

Our daycare's fantastic outdoor adventure playground

Here at our community orientated early learning daycare centre in Jensen, we are able to encourage learning through play with our immersive outdoor playground and sandpits. Your children will absolutely love the opportunity to explore, experiment and learn whilst providing a healthy release for all their energy. This safe and nurturing environment provides the perfect setting for the children to remain social and active, whilst encouraging education through play.

Meet our dedicated educators!

We strongly believe in expanding the skillsets and knowledge of our Educators through professional development opportunities. This is why we strive to work collaboratively and share our expertise to improve how we guide and nurture the children under our care. More than just a Kindergarten, our goal is to foster a community minded childcare early learning centre with that perfect blend between learning and fun.

Please feel free to contact us for further details or complete our online enquiry form.