Engaged Classrooms and Large Outdoor Learning Environments

Consistently across all of our classrooms, our professional Lead Educators utilise an emergent curriculum based upon the National Quality Standards and the Early Years Learning Framework. We cater for ages ranging from six weeks to school age. 

We recognise that children have a natural sense of curiosity and each one has unique talents, capabilities and aspirations. Our Sunrise Kids community nurtures these characteristics as we provide a stimulating, healthy and caring environment where children can flourish in their development.

The centre is fully air-conditioned and each classroom is designed to cater specifically for each age group and activities appropriate for the childrens developmental stages.

Sunrise Kids is committed to maintaining an outdoor environment, with emphasis on the use of natural materials to promote a sense of wonder and an understanding of the natural world, with the purpose of supporting our children in developing an understanding of sustainability.

4 years to school age

We provide the Government approved Kindergarten program delivered by a degree qualified Early Childhood Teacher. Our Kindergarten program aims to familiarise your child with the key learning areas they will face in their first year of school.

These learning areas include numeracy, literacy, science, art, social/emotional learning, music/drama and health and wellbeing (taking in sports, movement). Play will always remain the main focus of our Kindergarten timetable, as we continue to support, develop and extend your child's individualism, interests, ideas and creativity.

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We respect that parents are fundamentally their child's first Educator and we embrace the vital role you play in your child's life and their ongoing learning journey. We therefore aim to provide many opportunities for you to join your child in the classroom and encourage you to take part in various invitational activities throughout the year.

The children share in the leadership of this class, telling us exactly as it is and really coming to understand the depth of human emotion. Social and emotional learning is a continued facet of importance with this age as we strive to create a supportive team environment where the children feel confident to discuss issues with their friends independently.

Our Kindergarten Teacher will complete a 'Transition Statement' for each child; this will be sent to your child's Prep Teacher to ensure there is a high level of continuity of learning and that your child is supported in their learning environment. Our key aim is for each child to progress into the school environment with excellence and ease!

Pre Kindy
3 to 4 years

Our Pre Kindy Educators are proud to be embedding a benchmark quality early learning environment for children aged from 3 to 4 years.

This classroom is specifically designed to promote small and large group interactions and play experiences in our indoor and outdoor play areas. This is supported by the Educators using a targeted program and numerous resources in order to develop the children's social skills in fun, safe and secure surroundings, while meeting the needs of each individual child.

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Opportunities are provided for children to revisit their ideas regularly and extend their thinking. Our qualified Educators role model communication strategies for them. The aim is to support children in initiating interactions and joining in play and social experiences in ways that sustain positive relationships with other children.

Children are supported by our Educators in providing a range of active and restful experiences throughout the day and supporting children so they make confident decisions in learning opportunities and participation. 

Sunrise Kids children are empowered to follow and extend their own interests with enthusiasm and concentration. Educators will listen intently to children's ideas and discuss with them how these ideas might be developed and explored.

Junior Kindy
2.5 to 3 years

At Sunrise Kids our Junior Kindy classroom Educators run a flexible indoor/outdoor routine within their classroom that encourages the children to take every opportunity to expand their interests.

As Educators, we believe we give the children a strong foundation for becoming confident and involved learners through daily experiences that encourage them to develop a range of skills and an understanding of processes such as problem solving, experimentation, hypothesizing and investigating.

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Our Junior Kindy Educators share a passion to help children discover their own identities so they can embrace and build on their individual skills and interest. 

We strongly encourage their parents to share their family environments with us so we can always consistently implement new ideas within our daily activities.

Toddler 1 and 2
15 months to 3 years

Sunrise Kids toddlers enjoy a warm and caring environment that encourages children to become involved, active and confident learners.

Our classroom Educators lead children to become involved in a range of age appropriate experiences such as art, music, movement and story-telling. This aids in the childrens development while encouraging children to grow at their own pace.

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Our Educators provide an educational program that focuses on, and is designed to support all areas of learning and development while utilising both indoor and outdoor environments.

Educators will provide children with resources and activities according to what they observe, what the children have shown interest in and in collaboration with families.

Nursery 1 and 2
6 weeks to 2 years

Our nurseries are nurturing and calm environments that reflect discovery, fun and developmental growth for babies from 6 weeks of age.

We value and respect our families who entrust their children to us and work hand in hand with them to uphold the routines established by them for their child, creating the best possible experience from the earliest days onward.

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Stimulating activities such as music, movement and art times are used to aid their developmental progress. Feel free to stay and play with your child. Consistent communication between parents and Educators ensures that all needs of the children are always met.

Waterparks, Adventure Playgrounds and Large Outdoor Learning Environments

Sunrise Kids is a SunSmart approved childcare centre. Large shaded outdoor adventure playgrounds and waterpark (for those hot, sticky Townsville days) provide the perfect fun learning environment for all of the energy, exploration and experimentation of our children. The large sandpit is a constant source of fun and experimentation.

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The children become aware of caring for others and taking responsibility as they help to look after our many pets including hermit crabs, guinea pigs, birds and fish. Other features of our outdoor learning environments include:

  • Mini golf and outdoor sports area
  • Two large bike tracks
  • Spacious digging patch and vegetable garden complete with worm farm and compost area

Please feel free to contact us for further details or complete our online enquiry form.